Wes’s Musical Meltdown For 10/06/2015: Show Recap, Playlist and Download Links

The first Musical Meltdown of October was a fun and interesting one. I gave Megan the night off, and we had David Dunphy, who is well-known throughout the internet radio community, as our co-host. David brought his wit, humor, and insights to the program and helped us have lively discussions on sports, Draft Kings-style 1-day Fantasy leagues, and of course…The big topic, at least in the blind community this past week, Jewel Shuping. For those who don’t know about her, do a Google search, and listen to our discussion. She went blind, either accidentally or on purpose, depending on which reports you believe, due to drain cleaner in the eyes. Ouch! Sounds unpleasant to me.

Of course, in addition to lively conversation, we played your requests and had our cover comparison. Also, I apologize in advance for the weird ending. The universe conspired to have Skype and all other sound just sort of tank mid-way through a Van Halen song, and once I got some things back up, we were in the midst of another song…So, we aborted the show slightly before we intended to end. Even so, it clocks in at just over the normal 3 hours.

Join us next week as I will have an incredible guest for everyone to enjoy.

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And now, the playlist.

  1. Sevendust, Thank You
  2. Seether, Careless Whisper [Request]
  3. Pro-Pain, No Fly Zone
  4. ACDC, It’s A Long Way To The Top
  5. Black Crows, Hard To Handle
  6. Bon Jovi, We Got It Going On
  7. Muse, Stockholm Syndrome [Request]
  8. Muse, Uprising (Edit) [Request]
  9. Clutch, Crucial Velocity [Request]
  10. Foo Fighters, My Hero [Request]
  11. Green Day, Jesus Of Suburbia [Request]
  12. Sublime, Badfish [Request]
  13. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Mary Jane’s Last Dance [Request]
  14. Radiohead, Karma Police [Request]
  15. Sam Hunt, House party
  16. Home Free, House Party
  17. Beatles, All You Need Is Love [Request]
  18. Evanescence, Lose Control [Request]
  19. Evanescence, Bring Me to Life [Request]
  20. Alice In Chains, Nutshell [Request]
  21. Alice In Chains, Sea Of Sorrow [Request]
  22. ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, Foil [Request]
  23. The Pretty Reckless, Make Me Wanna Die [Request]
  24. Skylar Grey, Invisible [Request]
  25. Chicago, Saturday In The Park
  26. UFO, Try Me
  27. Thin Lizzy, Cold Sweat
  28. Glenn Frey, Party Town
  29. Don Henley, All She Wants To Do Is Dance
  30. David Lee Roth, California Girls
  31. Van Halen, Feel Your Love Tonight
  32. John Mellencamp, Cherry Bomb

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