Brief Personal Update: Mostly Regarding The Future Of Wes’s Musical Meltdown

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything personal to the website outside of the radio show and such. So, here’s a bit of an update for everyone.

First, as everyone has figured out, I’m now in Iowa. Not permanently…Yet, but that will happen as soon as I find a place and figure out how to get my few belongings from Columbus to Cedar Rapids. As has been mentioned before, I have met someone, and things are really good between us. I won’t go into details on mine and Megan’s separation as I’ve already addressed that in a previous Facebook post.

Yes, I am still your friendly neighborhood travel agent and you can go to the site to book trips or get in touch with me for the more complicated bookings. And yes, I can still hook you up with concert and sports tickets.

Today’s post is about my future in internet radio. As many of you know, I’ve hosted Wes’s Musical Meltdown and other shows for the last ten and a half years. The last five years and eight months have been spent on XTFM. Sadly, it has come time for me to depart XTFM and embark on a new radio adventure. I’m auditioning with Magic 109 next Tuesday evening at 7 East, and will hopefully make the cut. My decision to leave XTFM and move on was not an easy one. I thank many wise friends for their council during this process. I made the decision to leave mostly due to the separation and pending divorce, figuring it will make it easier for Megan and Rebekah to continue Generations on XTFM. Also, I truly like and believe in what Magic is doing with their sound and their imaging. I’ve loved my time at XTFM, and hope the listeners will follow me over to Magic, or wherever I may end up. I wish my XTFM colleagues nothing but the best, and continued success with the station. Myself, Gina, Bob and Joel made a pretty awesome management team, and I have no doubt Bob, Gina and Joel will continue building on the success we had.

For those interested in catching my test broadcast, I’ve been advised that I can share the listen link privately. Feel free to get in touch and I’ll get it to you as soon as I can.

Happy New Year to all friends, family, listeners, critics, and other creatures reading this entry. See you on the radio in the coming weeks!

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