Update Regarding Wes’s Musical Meltdown: Where We’ll Be, When We’re On, How To Listen

As you may have heard, The Meltdown has moved from The Beyond Radio Network. There is no ill will between TBRN and myself, and we all still remain great friends. The door is open for a return if both sides see it as a beneficial move, and you’ll still see me hanging out with Doc, Brice, Jess, May, Chris, Tammy, and others on the TeamTalk server during their shows…And you’ll still hear my voice on things like The Jess Mess promo and anything else they ask me to lend my voice to. It’s not a parting of the ways, just a move in slightly different directions, with a chance at reunification down the line.

With that said, as I’ve announced on social media previously, I’ve moved over to join the team at Worlds Awakening Radio, a British-based station with a wonderful staff from all over the world. The show will still be heard on Wednesday nights. We’ll go from 11PM-3:00AM GMT, UK Time. What this means for my US listeners is, from now until March 28, I’ll be on starting at 7:00 PM Eastern time in the US, 4PM for my Arizona and pacific time friends. After March 28, until one of our countries changes time, I’m back to 6PM Eastern/3PM Arizona and Pacific.

To listen at the Meltdown’s new home, find the listen link on the website, or copy and paste the following URL into your media player on your computer. http://station.worldsawakeningradio.com:8000/radio.mp3 and you’ll hear us. Alternately, you can find Worlds Awakening Radio on the TuneIn Radio app, or you can tell the smart speaker in your life “Play Worlds Awakening Radio from TuneIn”. We’ll still incorporate TeamTalk, we’ll still bring Jess and others on as co-hosts, and we’ll still do the same type of show you’ll remember from TBRN, Magic109, XTFM, and Mojo. The main difference is the surrounding team and the name of the station. Stick around outside of my show as WAR is filled with amazingly talented broadcasters doing a wide variety of formats. There’s something for everyone at Worlds Awakening Radio!

I’ll be on right after I put this up, so Monday evening, from 7PM until 9PM Eastern, 11PM-1AM UK/GMT, just to test the equipment and make sure everything sounds good prior to Wednesday night’s show. In the meantime, check out the promo Jess produced for me. I think this is my best show promo yet. Far better than I’ve ever produced myself. 🙂

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