High School Student Punished For Helping Someone Out: Anyone Else See Something Wrong Here?

Tonight, while surfing Twitter, I came across this story, and have to say I was angry after reading it. Go ahead and read the story, then come back to this window.

So, while we all know we’re not supposed to fight, and not supposed to throw punches at school, this student was suspended for simply defending a classmate. So to the powers that be at Huntington Beach High School, I ask you this. Should this kid, seeing his fellow student under attack by a bully, simply have allowed the beating to continue? It sounds like school staff weren’t doing anything to intervene. As the article states the subject under attack was being hit on/around the head, and as head injuries can be very serious, I’m glad someone stepped in and put a stop to it.

As many of my readers know, I am totally blind. However, the fact he was defending a blind/visually impaired person is not why I believe he should not have been punished. I would feel this way were he defending any fellow student, staff member, or anyone else. We’ve become a society that punishes those who help others, forgetting that unfortunately, violence is sometimes necessary to defend yourself and/or those around you. In my opinion, the bully got what he deserved. If thiss were my kid who’d knocked the bully to the ground, I’d be praising her quick thinking and taking action instead of standing idly by.

Shame on you, Huntington Beach High school. This student should have his suspension from school lifted, and should be welcomed back onto the football team with open arms. His act of courage should be rewarded, not punished.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a fan of using violence to solve a problem. However, with bullies, often, violence is the only thing they understand. Many times, giving the bully a taste of his own medicine is the only way to teach him a lesson and get him to leave you alone.

What do you, the readers, think? Feel free to sound off in the comments below.

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One thought on “High School Student Punished For Helping Someone Out: Anyone Else See Something Wrong Here?

  1. I just read this blog last night as I haven’t been keeping up to date with the musical meltdown for quite some time and thought I may as well gradually have a listen to it but this post is just reminding me of how my first few years of secondary school were. I was bullied a lot from years7-10 and I was often told off for defending myself but you can’t just stand there and let bullying happen to somebody else. it seems as though the school system is going down the toilet as we’ve lost the need for discipline for the fear of sexual harassment and a fear of being sued for laying a hand on a student because these days people are liable to cry rape and sexual abuse and so on and so forth. I in fact was forced to join a program held by nesay which is north east support and action for youth which this program was the walk the talk program as I had anger management issues but I didn’t fit the mold. in other words, I behaved myself at the program and didn’t lose my temper. one incident that stands out in my mind and still inwardly angers me to this day although when I’m alone and not doing anything my mind sometimes wanders back and I do everything I can to ignore it but a year7 boy thought itwould be funny to push me up the stairs and I ran into a young year7 girl at her locker who told the deputy principal through tears I had groped her breast which I hadn’t done and I continue to deny it. I’d just come back from a 2 day school suspention and was headed for another one despite maintaining my innocence the entire time. I was almost expelled and if I’d been expelled no other school would legally take me because of my record of bad behaviour my father once told me that if I’d been expelled that my mother would have been headed for a nervous breakdown whether that was true or just to try and scare me into behaving I don’t know. at a meeting on the following Monday to decide my future it was acknowledged that I was indeed telling the truth and that the other boy in question had changed his story I ended up changing schools as a result of this but I had to keep that secret because I was always seen as the problem. what didn’t help matters was that my auntie was the principal’s secretary and nothing was really done about any of the bullying which I kept a secret for 3 years. I couldn’t even tell them at school I was seeing a councillor outside of school because the school had a councillor but I couldn’t trust the school psychologist as far as I could spit my best way of moving on is to do my best to cover my own ass so as history doesn’t repeat itself but this student for going to the aid of a blind student should be seen as a hero not as the bad guy but it doesn’t really matter if that student under attack was blind or not we are people after all.

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