Educating The Uninformed: Why A Third-Party Vote IS NOT A Vote for President Trump, or Anyone Else Other Than the Third-Party Candidate

It’s another election year. In November, we’ll cast our votes for President, and the Electoral College will do as it wishes, and actually choose the President. But, that’s another story for another time. It’s also the time when people, mostly Liberals, attempt, unsuccessfully, to shame those of us who vote our conscience and support a third-party candidate instead of whatever bad option the Republicans and Democrats have given us. I’m here to explain to you why the Left’s logic is flawed. I’m not throwing my Conservative friends under the bus because as a rule, they don’t make such ridiculous statements.

Here’s the lame logic Democrats use to try and get us to vote their way…And, while I don’t like Bernie Sanders’ platform, it’s not his supporters that tend to do this. It’s the moderate folks who are okay with whatever establishment Democrat gets the nomination…In this case, Joe Biden. They all tend to say that a third-party vote is a Republican vote. This is ridiculous logic for several reasons.

First, not all third-party voters are conservatives. If you remember, in 2016, the most prominent third-party candidates were from very opposite ends of the spectrum. Gary Johnson ran as a Libertarian, and has more conservative views in general. Jill Stein ran with the Green Party, and is incredibly left-leaning. So, the Stein voters weren’t going to vote for Trump anyway. So that shoots that logic out the window.

Next, the Democrats who want to push the “a third party vote is a Republican vote” line of garbage seem to forget that twice, one of the most successful third-party runs actually helped their guy, Bill Clinton, in 1992 and 1996. Ross Perot entering hurt both Bush and Dole…Granted Bush Senior and Dole didn’t really help themselves either, but we’ll never know who those Perot supporters would’ve voted for had he not entered the race.

Finally, the Democrats who want to blame third-party voters for getting Trump elected in 2016, and who are already preemptively trying to guilt us into voting for one of the major parties this time seem to refuse to look at their own party’s failings. It’s not the third-party voter’s fault that the Democrats are so fractured that they can’t unite behind one candidate. Yes, Biden is likely their nominee. With that, lots of Bernie supporters have said they’ll likely not follow through with the “vote blue no matter who” rhetoric. They’ll likely do as they did in 2016 and not vote. So, Democrats, it’s not those of us who vote outside the status quo who are to blame for your candidate not getting elected. It’s your own party who can’t unite behind what some of you believe should be the common goal.

In closing, Democrats, before you blame those of us who reject the two-party system and choose to vote our conscience, take a look at your own party and clean your own house. Until you can unite behind your candidate, and get both the fringe left and the center to work together on electing someone, don’t look outside your party for reasons for your failure to elect your person in 2016, and likely failure to do so this year. Myself and other third-party voters aren’t giving your statements about us any credence, and are likely laughing at, or feeling sorry for you when you make such ridiculous statements. It’s not our fault you lose elections; it’s your own party’s inability to work together. You’re splintered enough that perhaps the two wings of the Democratic party do indeed need to split and become two separate parties, making it at least a three-party system. Just one man’s thoughts.

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