When A Man’s Word Means Little: Adventures In Attempting To Retain a Hypnotherapist

Normally, if I have a good experience with a company, a medical practitioner, or any other professional, I try to point out the positives in my reviews. On the flipside, when the experience is not so positive, I have no problem using my platforms to make those experiences known as well. The following is simply my experience, my opinion, and nothing more. If you have a different experience with the person in question, great. If you have other unsatisfactory experiences you’d like to share, the comment section is open. this was posted on Facebook, but I doubt the proprietor will leave the review on his business Facebook Page. Don’t let his 5-star rating fool you. He has three reviews, one of which is from himself. I’m guessing most of the business is word-of-mouth, and not from FB or Twitter, which is why his name will be revealed.

Originally, I was going to leave this alone and simply not say anything other than to privately recommend against people using the hypnosis and other services provided by Kerry Hoath. However, I’ve decided it’s necessary to go public with this In the hopes of helping others. In the interest of full disclosure, those who know me and my current situation know that Kerry and I don’t see eye to eye and my view of him as a person, due to other experiences, isn’t the most positive. The feeling is mutual I’m sure, and that’s okay. I assure you, this review isn’t being written/posted as an indictment against him personally; it’s about him as a hypnotherapist and quasi-businessman, though for back story and understanding purposes, some of the personal will have to be mentioned. In fact, had he stuck to the original plan we were discussing, this review would not be necessary and would likely have wound up being a positive recommendation for himself as a hypnotherapist, not a negative review of the services offered and not provided.

We’d begun making arrangements for hypnotherapy to deal with some issues I’ve been working through, in both the mental and physical health arenas, and out of the blue, the proprietor decided to back out. We’d had a talk about some personal issues between us that may pertain to the professional side of things, but aren’t for public consumption or relevant enough to this post to need to be brought up. . At that point, on Thursday night, February 18, I thought we were good. After the personal matters were dispensed with, we were discussing prices, times, and all of that. Nothing had happened in the interim between Thursday February 18 and Monday February 22, when he made the decision about which you’ll read. Since then, admittedly, my view of him has been incredibly tainted and, admittedly, very negative. Had he kept his commitments, I believe we would’ve remained cordial.

One person has made excuses for him, but given her position in his life and her former position in mine, she can’t be relied upon to be objective, so her views on the situation are of little value. Yes, he and my current significant other were involved previously, and were still secondary partners to one another at the time of this incident. With That said, she’s the one person who, when he backed out, did not make excuses for him, which I greatly appreciate. In the end, she understood his position, but was able to be fairly objective about it, which is more than can be said for others.

Where my issue with his business practices comes in is this. When we began discussing hypnotherapy, he had assured me the various personal relationships involved wouldn’t create a conflict of interest for him as hypnotherapy supposedly works in a different way from standard psychotherapy/counseling and other forms of trauma therapy as you don’t have to recount your past and be thrown back into what traumatized you in the first place. As I generally do until someone gives me a reason not to, I took him at his word. If the complicated nature of our history and present due to our mutual current and former partners was going to be a problem, he should’ve realized this up-front and acted accordingly. Had he simply been up-front and said he couldn’t do what he was suggesting would help me, and had he recommended another qualified practitioner at the outset, I’d not be writing this post and warning people that his word is indeed not his bond. I wouldn’t have to advise other potential clients to not believe a word he speaks, and to make sure to get commitments in writing. Better yet, find someone you can work with face-to-face, or at least in your own country so that you have some recourse if things go wrong.

To his credit, he recommended someone, and I have full faith in said person…But SHE doesn’t have much faith in herself, and admits she has some studying to do to get comfortable with it, so we’ve gone nowhere with it as of yet. She also believes it could be harder for her to work with me due to the close nature of our relationship, but has also told me Kerry does not think this will be a problem. I do hope he’s correct, and on this one, I do believe he might be. To be fair, though there’s a lot we don’t agree on, there are a good number of things we can and do see eye-to-eye on, and this person’s abilities is one of those areas where I believe we’re in full agreement. That said, I’m highly amused that he, a supposed long-time professional, can’t do the job, but doesn’t see why the person closest to me might feel there’s a potential issue with conducting the various therapies we’ve discussed. I believe we’ll get there and show Kerry that we can do this with or without him. That said, if he had some modicum of integrity, he’d have recommended someone who’s already in a position to do what needs to be done. On the flip side, if doing this increases the confidence of the person to whom he referred me, it will all have been worth it in the end, but my negative view of his ethics and practices will still stand. I know I’m not the only one with a less than positive story as others have told me of bad experiences with him and have told me his ethics are questionable. I respect their privacy, so won’t reveal anything, though I would encourage others with bad experiences to come forward if they wish. If you’ve had good experiences with him, more power to you. He’s obviously doing something right, or he’d have no clients, and no attendance in his rooms on the newly popular app Clubhouse when he holds his talks about the subject at hand. He’s not a stupid person by any means…Just one of questionable integrity and ethics.

In my view, based on how he handled this, though I have NO doubt in his abilities as a hypnotist/hypnotherapist, I strongly believe he has little to no integrity. In my line of work, if I tell you I’m going to work with you, I’m going to work with you as long as you make your payments on time and honor your commitments as a travel client. Unless you constantly contact me for reasearch but never actually book anything, I’ll help anyone get anywhere, even if it’s someone I dislike or distrust. As long as you fill out the forms I give you, and don’t use fraudulent credit cards or ID, I’ll book your trip anywhere you want to go…I’m not responsible for what you do when you get there. But, I know not all people are able to separate the personal from the professional. My word IS my bond in my industry. As is the case for most of us who are self-employed, your reputation is all you’ve got. Kerry Hoath does have a good reputation with many. I’m simply saying that I feel he did somewhat wrongly by me in our dealing, and I cannot in good conscience recommend him to others needing help from a qualified hypnotherapist.

Late-breaking update! In a conversation with a trusted friend, I’ve learned Kerry is even less trustworthy and more unprofessional than I initially realized. A new friend, who knows little about me, has advised me that this “hypnotherapist” has revealed things about my health that are none of her, or anyone else’s business. Based on the things revealed, which I won’t go into here, Kerry has unfortunately shown that what’s been said about him for years is true. He cannot be trusted with anything more personal than the local weather. This further speaks to his lack of integrity. No, it wasn’t stuff he learned during a session as we never had one, but it IS something that, if he were any sort of licensed therapist here in the US, it could’ve been reportable to an ethics board and sent for disciplinary action, I’m sure. In fact, in consulting with a few people, it’s been suggested that based on the fact many of these conversations took place on US-based servers, he could be guilty of HIPAA violations, though those would be hard to prove. I won’t reveal what I’m told was discussed, but it’s enough to know that potential clients should be careful about trusting this man with any physical or mental health issues. I’ll do whatever I can without breaking any laws to dissuade as many as possible from trusting his services.

While I may have told certain people about these issues, whether or not I was intoxicated is irrelevant. It still does not give this individual the right to reveal such things to others. With every statement Kerry makes, he proves I dodged a bullet. I encourage all of you to dodge the same bullet as well. Hypnotherapy is absolutely a valid treatment for many things. Just make sure to find a reputable hypnotherapist. He apparently messaged someone close to me that he’s not concerned because it’s only 2 negative reviews in 8 years. He also justified himself by saying I’d mentioned it to several people when drunk. Again, see above statement. That’s awesome, but…When your page only has 3 positive reviews, and one is from the proprietor, that says something.

In closing, when it comes to Kerry Hoath and his Hoathnosis practice, and whatever other names he may practice under, I wouldn’t trust his word, or based on the most recent update, what I’ve learned about him and the way he likes to talk. The man couldn’t keep a secret to save his life. He may say everything IN therapy is confidential, but based on how terrible he is about keeping confidences outside of a therapeutic setting, I truly don’t think he should be allowed to practice hypnotherapy at all. My only advice is to be careful when dealing with him in any capacity, but especially when it comes to hypnosis. I am thankful no money changed hands. That’s the only positive to come from this experience.

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