Late Night Love for 03/30/2021 On Worlds Awakening Radio: The Debut for Me!

Five nights a week, Sunday through Thursday, Worlds Awakening Radio airs Late Night Love at 10PM GMT! The show features a rotation of hosts, and yours truly is in the rotation now every other Tuesday. The show is pretty family-friendly, so you can safely play it in front of the kids. Most nights, the show […]

Wes’s Musical Meltdown for 03/24/2021: Second Worlds Awakening Radio Meltdown, 6+ Hours of Meltdown Awesomeness!

This was the second week on Worlds Awakening Radio. First, the staff and management at this place are amazing. They remind me of the closeness of my old Mojo and XTFM crews, mixed with a bit of what made Magic 109 awesome. Of course, we had the Cover Comparison. We also had a ton of […]

Wes’s Musical Meltdown for 03/17/2021: The Worlds Awakening Radio Debut, St. Patty’s Day, and More!

Here we go! This week on Worlds Awakening Radio was a blast! Tons of listener interaction, tons of fun. About 2 hours and 16 minutes in, we play a drinking game on-air called The Barley Mow. Some of us used beer, some used coffee, all had a great time. Below, find the playlist and the […]

Worlds Awakening Radio Test Broadcast for 03/15/2021: Playlist And MixCloud Player

As most know, I’ve moved over to Worlds Awakening Radio. Having a great time over there. Here’s the test broadcast I did on Monday night, March 15. Thanks to Jess, Shane, and Jamie for joining the on-air party, and thanks to all who made requests. This one is not entirely family-friendly; you have been warned! […]

Update Regarding Wes’s Musical Meltdown: Where We’ll Be, When We’re On, How To Listen

As you may have heard, The Meltdown has moved from The Beyond Radio Network. There is no ill will between TBRN and myself, and we all still remain great friends. The door is open for a return if both sides see it as a beneficial move, and you’ll still see me hanging out with Doc, […]

When A Man’s Word Means Little: Adventures In Attempting To Retain a Hypnotherapist

Normally, if I have a good experience with a company, a medical practitioner, or any other professional, I try to point out the positives in my reviews. On the flipside, when the experience is not so positive, I have no problem using my platforms to make those experiences known as well. The following is simply […]