Episode 02112020: Wes’s Musical Meltdown from Magic 109; Pre-Valentine’s Edition

This week’s edition of the Meltdown happened to take place the week of Valentine’s Day, a holiday that brings joy to some, and a disgusted feeling to others. As we know we have both types of people in our audience, and as I’ve been on both ends of that spectrum myself, we feature a mix […]


Episode 02042020: Wes’s Musical Meltdown As Originally Broadcast on Magic 109

This week’s show was pretty music intensive. Alicia and I did find a few topics to banter about. We featured the Cover Comparison, lots of requests, and turned the audience on to lots of new tunes. We also payed tribute to Alice Cooper as the show was being done on his 72Nd birthday. You even […]


Interview with Author Jo Elizabeth Pinto: Conducted on 01/25/2020

On January 25, Alicia and I had the opportunity to interview our friend, and published author, Jo Elizabeth Pinto. We thank Jo for her time, and insights into the world of both of her books. Please enjoy this, my first author interview. If you’d like to learn more about the author, visit her website. To […]

Episode 01212020: Wes’s Musical Meltdown From Magic 109

This week on The Meltdown, Alicia and I had a blast. It’s our second week on Magic 109. We’re feeling quite at home at our new station. We hope you, the listeners, are enjoying as well. We had the Cover Comparison, lots of requests, and we even got into some Extreme puns at the end. […]


Episode 01142020: Wes’s Musical Meltdown; The Magic 109 Debut, and Introduction of Alicia as permanent Co-Host

Last night, The Meltdown made its Magic 109 debut! Thanks to all who tuned in, made requests, and otherwise interacted. Thanks also to my wonderful love, and new on-air co-host, Alicia, for making the show such a success. We had a great mix of genres, talked a bit of football, and gave the Magic listeners […]


Episode 01072020: Wes’s Musical Meltdown; Magic 109 Audition

This week’s edition of The Meltdown was an audition/test broadcast for Magic 109. I’m proud to say I passed, and the show will now be heard Tuesdays from 7:00 PM-10:00 PM East on Magic 109. You can also access the station by telling your smart speaker “Play Magic 109 on TuneIn”. You can also tell […]


Brief Personal Update: Mostly Regarding The Future Of Wes’s Musical Meltdown

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything personal to the website outside of the radio show and such. So, here’s a bit of an update for everyone. First, as everyone has figured out, I’m now in Iowa. Not permanently…Yet, but that will happen as soon as I find a place and figure out how […]

Episode 12242019-2: Wes’s Musical Meltdown; 2019 Year-In-Review Rock

Earlier today, I posted our year-in-review for pop music. Now, it’s time for the rockers to have their say. Country is coming next week. If you like what you hear, follow me on Apple Music, and add my rock, pop, and country playlists to your library. Enjoy! Playlist Papa Roach, Who Do You Trust? Buckcherry, […]


Episode 12172019: Wes’s Musical Meltdown; Final Live Show of 2019

This was the final live Meltdown of the year. Next week and the week after, I’ve prepared some year-in-review shows for your listening pleasure, and they will air on XTFM and will go up on the podcast sites afterward. A great mix of music, and lots of good interaction and requests on this week’s show. […]


Episode 12032019: Wes’s Musical Meltdown; 2019 Christmas Tunes Edition

This is the Meltdown’sHoliday Extravaganza…Or Holiday Disaster, whichever flotas your boat. We have the religious tunes, we have the traditional carrolls…And we have the downright vulgar Christmas Comedy. The family will laugh, they’ll cry, and Grandma MIGHT wish she’d been run over by that reindeer by the time I’m done with you! So, crack a […]