Wes’s Musical Meltdown: Wes and Jo’s Melted Down Jukebox Edition 08/06/2015

On this edition of the Meltdown, I co-host with XTFM’s own Just Jo. Normally, this would have been her show, but due to technical difficulties, I came in to pinch hit for her. Since it was her show, and we were doing it together, we thought the combined name was appropriate.

Excellent selection of music on this one, much of which was by request of the listeners. Also, we’d like to thank Free Talk Live for giving us some fodder for a rant later in the show regarding one of our listeners/chatters who’s been doing some questionable things with recordings of some of our DJ’s shows. If I’d had the audio of his call, I would’ve played it. They handled him about the same way I would have. I’ll definitely be supporting this show in future.

We had two cover comparisons, each one consisting of the original track, and two covers. Lively discussion, great music, and a great time.

Warning: Some adult language on today’s show.

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  1. Quiet Riot, Bang Your Head (Mental Health)
  2. Krokus, Burning Bones
  3. Krokus, Screaming In The Night
  4. .38 Special, If I’d Been the One
  5. Ellie Goulding, Love Me Like You Do
  6. Halestorm, Better sorry than Safe
  7. Halestorm, Bet U wish U had me back
  8. Florida Georgia Line, Cruise (feat. Nelly)
  9. Florida Georgia Line, This Is How We Roll
  10. Billy Ray Cyrus, She’s Not Cryin’ Anymore
  11. One Direction, They Don’t Know About Us
  12. Cattle Decapitation, Everyone Deserves To Die
  13. The Drifters, Save The Last Dance For Me
  14. Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis, Save the Last Dance for Me
  15. The Manhattan Transfer, Save The Last Dance For Me
  16. Miranda Lambert, The House That Built Me
  17. Miranda Lambert, Gunpowder & Lead
  18. Sara Evans, I Could Not Ask For More
  19. Terri Clark, I Think The World Needs A Drink
  20. Toby Keith, I Love This Bar
  21. Cledus T. Judd, I Love NASCAR
  22. Janis Joplin, Piece Of My Heart
  23. Faith Hill, Piece of My Heart
  24. Sammy Hagar, Piece Of My Heart
  25. Shelly West, Jose Cuervo
  26. Rascal Flatts, Easy (with Natasha Beddingfield)
  27. Jason Aldean, If My Truck Could Talk
  28. Tim McGraw, Over & Over
  29. Sam Smith, Stay With Me
  30. Billy Squier, Lonely Is The Night
  31. Foreigner, Cold As Ice
  32. Stevie Nicks, Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around
  33. Riot, Showdown
  34. Phil Keaggy, Love Divine
  35. Third Day, Trust in Jesus

Written In Red ~ Not My Home: Fresh Christian Rock Worth Hearing!

Release Date: June 27,2015 (per Amazon.com)

Label: Self-released

Rating: 9 out of 10

[amazon asin=B010O88C5W&template=iframe image2]

Every so often, a new artist comes along that, after hearing their album, you know they have the potential for great things. Such is the case for Wyoming 5-piece Written in Red.

Describing themselves, according to their website and Facebook, as Christian rock with a “touch of metal and Southern influences”, to my ears, is an understatement. Just as heavy as Stone Sour, Shinedown, Seether, or other notable secular artists, these guys pack a Spiritual punch. Even if you’re not a Christian, you owe it to yourself to check out the music, and see where the lyrics lead you. If you are a Believer, and you like good, hard-driving rock, then Written In Red’s Not My Home belongs on your MP3 or CD player. If you’re a fan of Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet, Decyfer Down, and the like, you’ll love these guys.

On a sidenote, when you search for this band, make sure you find the right one. Apparently, there was another band, out of North Carolina, using the same name who put out an album in 2007. Definitely not the same group. So be careful.

Before getting the album on a friend’s recommendation, I’d not heard of Written In Red. From the opening track, simply entitled Intro, there is no mistaking where this band stands with regard to their faith in Christ and their mission to spread the gospel and have a good time doing it.

From there, the album launches into the title track, Not My Home. The message is solid. We’re here to spread love, bring lives to Christ, but this isn’t our home. Our home awaits us in Heaven.

I won’t do a track-by-track, but I will say this. If you want to rock out, check out Pray for the Pray, We Are (Broken World), The Reason, Battle Within and Cry.

Perhaps the two best tracks on this release are the slower-tempo ballads. Hollow speaks to the listener. It talks about how life felt empty, meaningless…But all that changed when the writer of the track found Christ and turned his life around.

Yahweh is the album’s closer, as far as original tracks. The CD actually closes with an excellent acoustic version of the title track. Yahweh is an excellent song that I could easily hear being played in any church that does modern praise and worship music. Though the rest of the record is pretty much hard rock, this is a track I could see being played on Christian radio right alongside Casting Crowns and Third Day.

In short, Written In Red are versatile, talented, and genuine about what they sing. It’s great to hear a band with massive talent who don’t water down their beliefs, and aren’t ashamed to be Christians who know how to rock hard. Definitely wishing nothing but great success for this band. I guarantee you I will continue to play them on my shows on XTFM.

About The Band and Links

Written in Red are a 5-piece Wyoming Christian powerhouse. I don’t have much information on the band, but here’s what we’ve got.


  • Ben Rose-Vox & Rhythm Guitar
  • Shaun Collins-Bass & Back up Vocals
  • Steven Nichols-Lead/Rhythm Guitar
  • Mike Fridley-Lead/Rhythm Guitar
  • Ty Hilbert-Drums

Connect with the band.

[amazon asin=B010O88C5W&template=iframe image2]