Wes’s Musical Meltdown for 10/02/2018: Welcome to Fall!

Welcome to the first Wes’s Musical Meltdown of October. Fall is in the air, football is in full swing, and I’m adjusting to life as a self-employed person as opposed to having a full-time gig and a side business. Lots of great tunes on this week’s show. On this show, in addition to your requests, we also have a cover comparison pitting Guns N’ Roses up against 50’s group The Skyliners. Lots of new tunes from Pistol Annies, Wheeler Walker Junior, Uriah Heep, Steve Perry, and more! Enjoy the show!


  1. The Beatles, Ballad Of John And Yoko
  2. Aerosmith, Draw The Line
  3. Canned Heat, Going Up The Country
  4. Uriah Heep, Living the Dream
  5. Uriah Heep, Stealin’
  6. Frank Gallop, The Ballad of Irving [Request]
  7. Wheeler Walker Jr., Redneck Shit [Request]
  8. Wheeler Walker Jr., I Like Smoking Pot (A Lot)
  9. Cross Canadian Ragweed, Boys from Oklahoma
  10. Skyliners, Since I Don’t Have You [Cover Comparison; Original]
  11. Guns N’ Roses, Since I Don’t Have You [Cover Comparison; Cover]
  12. Veruca Salt, Volcano Girls
  13. American Hi-Fi, Flavor Of The Weak (Album Version)
  14. Nina Gordon, Tonight And The Rest Of My Life
  15. Steve Perry, We’re Still Here
  16. Steve Perry, No More Cryin’
  17. Pistol Annies, Best Years of My Life
  18. Pistol Annies, Got My Name Changed Back
  19. Blake Shelton, Money
  20. Jessica Meuse, Love Her Better
  21. Jessica Meuse, Without You (feat. Bo Bice)
  22. Willie Nelson, Fly Me to the Moon
  23. Stephen Lynch, Talk to Me
  24. Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx, Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist
  25. Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx, The Internet Is for Porn
  26. Rodney Carrington, Marriage Advice Song (How Bout We Fuck)
  27. Rodney Carrington, Show Them to Me

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