Wes’s Musical Meltdown for 08/14/2018: 90’s Country, Classic Rock, Festival Recap, and More

On this week’s Meltdown, we have lots of requests, and a recap of the church festival from my perspective. I also feature one of the bands who closed out the second night of the festival, Threat Level Midnight. The festival gig was their last show as the members are all going off to different colleges, but their EP’s and singles are still worth picking up on iTunes and other digital retailers. Also, at another listener’s request, though he did not pick specific songs, we have a pretty cool 90’s country set in the mix.

Cover Comparison for this week was suggested by our own Bob In The Black Boots, and pits The Doors against The 69 Eyes.


  1. Rush, Limelight
  2. Thin Lizzy, The Sun Goes Down
  3. Rest, Repose, Hanging By A Thread
  4. White Lion, Love Don’t Come Easy
  5. Those Poor Bastards, Drunk With Fear [Request]
  6. Ghoultown, I Spit on Your Grave [Request]
  7. Pink Floyd, Another Brick In the Wall [Request]
  8. Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here [Request]
  9. Pat Benatar, Heartbreaker
  10. Garth Brooks, Friends In Low Places
  11. Michelle Wright, Take It Like A Man
  12. Brooks & Dunn, Boot Scootin’ Boogie
  13. Montgomery Gentry, Hillbilly Shoes
  14. The Doors, You’re Lost Little Girl [Cover Comparison; Original]
  15. The 69 Eyes, You’re Lost Little Girl [Cover Comparison; Cover]
  16. Threat Level Midnight, Numb
  17. Threat Level Midnight, Purple + Pink Ribbons
  18. lovelytheband, Broken
  19. lovelytheband, Coachella
  20. QUEENSRYCHE, Lady Jane [Request]
  21. Savatage, Edge of Thorns
  22. Sleeze Beez, Stranger Than Paradise
  23. Ratt, Scene Of The Crime
  24. McAuley-Schenker Group, When I’m Gone
  25. UFO, Shoot Shoot [Live]

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