Wes’s Musical Meltdown For 07/07/2020: Charlie Daniels Tribute, Loads of Requests, Mechanical Bulls, And More!

This week’s show was a ton of fun. We had a sad moment regarding the passing of Charlie Daniels, but also payed him a pretty good musical tribute throughout the show. In addition, a ton of great requests from the audience, one request which I played, and then had to rip to shreds due to the content, lots of new tunes, and a pretty fun cover comparison. Thanks to some of my Magic teammates for hanging out on TeamTalk and participating on-air during the Cover Comparison recap. Also, here Alicia and I talk about our experience riding a mechanical bull. Videos of the bull rides can be found on our social media. Also, a bit of an offensive comedy set; some material does live up to the disclaimer this week.

Join me every Tuesday at 7:00 PM East/4:00 Pacific for The Meltdown on Magic 109. Also, I’ll be in for Brice with The Rock Vault at noon East/9:00 Pacific this Friday, July 10.


  1. Charlie Daniels, Trudy
  2. The Charlie Daniels Band, Long Haired Country Boy
  3. Bob Dylan, Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here with You
  4. Aaron Lewis, Country Boy (feat. George Jones & Charlie Daniels)
  5. Stephen Lynch, Down to the Old Pub Instead
  6. Kevin Bloody Wilson, Mick The Master Farter
  7. Bob Rivers, Bowel Moves
  8. Bill Engvall, I’m a Cheap Drunk
  9. Jim Norton, F–: The Westboro Baptist Church
  10. Jake Owen, Eight Second Ride (Album Version) [Request]
  11. RaeLynn, Me About Me [Request]
  12. Green Day, Basket Case [Cover Comparison; Original]
  13. Smile Empty Soul, Basket Case [Cover Comparison; Cover]
  14. Smile Empty Soul, Bottom Of A Bottle
  15. Socialburn, Everyone [Request]
  16. Halestorm, Love Bites (So Do I) [Request]
  17. Insane Clown Posse, Fuck The World [Request]
  18. Paramore, Ain’t It Fun [Request]
  19. Beastie Boys, So What ‘Cha Want [Request]
  20. Flyleaf, All Around Me [Request]
  21. 12 Stones, Broken [Request]
  22. The Charlie Daniels Band, Uneasy Rider
  23. Charlie Daniels, Drinkin My Baby Goodbye
  24. The Charlie Daniels Band, Simple Man
  25. The Charlie Daniels Band, Wichita Jail
  26. Charlie Daniels, The Souths Gonna Do It
  27. Charlie Daniels, What A Friend We Have In Jesus
  28. Jimmy Eat World, A Praise Chorus [Request]
  29. Tyketto, Forever Young
  30. Deliverance, Weapons of our Warfare [Request]
  31. Theory of a Deadman, World Keeps Spinning (Live)
  32. lovelytheband, idwgtyp
  33. Los Coast;Gary Clark Jr., A Change Is Gonna Come
  34. Low Cut Connie, Stay as Long as You Like
  35. Lindsay Ell, make you
  36. Ingrid Andress, Waste of Lime
  37. Elizabeth Cook, Perfect Girls of Pop
  38. Margo Price, Letting Me Down
  39. Lauren Alaina;Trisha Yearwood, Getting Good
  40. Old Dominion, Everything to Lose
  41. Mitchell Tenpenny, Broken Up
  42. Ryan Hurd, What If I Never Get Over You
  43. Chris Young, If That Ain’t God
  44. Casting Crowns, Courageous
  45. Kutless, Word of God Speak
  46. Jars of Clay, Eyes Wide Open [Request]
  47. Demon Hunter, Fear is Not My Guide [Request]
  48. Recon, Behind Enemy Lines
  49. Mortification, God Shape Void

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