Wes’s Musical Meltdown for 06/29/2018: Day Off, New Music

Today was an impromptu Meltdown as I had the day offf work and lots of cool new tunes to play. We had a bit of rock, a bit of country, and even some cool new rap from Australia. Check Out Mugzy

It was mostly new, but there was a bit of comedy and a bit more talk about the passing of Vinnie Paul and a couple tracks to commemorate him.


  • Alice In Chains, The One You Know
  • Alice In Chains, So Far Under
  • Mugzy & Pablo, Can’t Stop Us
  • Joe Settineri, Hello Goodbye
  • Refuge, Bleeding From Inside
  • Refuge, Let Me Go
  • TNT, Fair Warning
  • Every Hour Kills, FragileMachine
  • Mugzy, Understand Me
  • Mugzy, My Journey
  • George Carlin, People Who Oughta Be Killed- Self-Help Books
  • George Carlin, Motivation Seminars
  • George Carlin, Parents of Honor Students
  • Guns N’ Roses, Back off Bitch (1986 Sound City Session)
  • Guns N’ Roses, November Rain (Piano Version / 1986 Sound City Session)
  • Cody Canada & The Departed, Lost Rabbit
  • Cody Canada & The Departed, Betty Was Black (And Willie Was White)
  • Kelleigh Bannen, Happy Birthday
  • The Wild Feathers, Two Broken Hearts
  • The Wild Feathers, Every Morning I Quit Drinkin’
  • Devin Dawson, Asking For A Friend
  • Faren Rachels, Uber Driver
  • Melissa Mickelson, Hold On
  • Rebel Union, Secondhand High
  • Adam Doleac, Bigger Than Us
  • Will Thomas Reed, Home Is Where the Bar Is
  • Shinedown, MONSTERS
  • Five Finger Death Punch, Blue on Black
  • Pantera, This Love
  • Hellyeah, Love Falls
  • Temple of the Dog, Say Hello 2 Heaven

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