Episode 03242020: Wes’s Musical Meltdown from Magic 109

This week’s show was a lot of fun, and a nice escape from the onstop Corona Virus talk with which we’ve all been inundated. We did play a couple parodies regarding the virus and the panic buying of TP, had the cover comparison, lots of requests, some new tunes, and much more. The show ended with a tribute to a friend who has passed on, not due to the virus. Over all, it felt good to be on-air. Join Alicia and I next week, 7:00 PM East Tuesday, on Magic 109.


  1. Clint Black, Killin’ Time
  2. Blackberry Smoke, Restless
  3. The Steel Woods, Better In The Fall
  4. Tom O’Connor, Kill the Bottle
  5. Everclear, AM Radio [Request]
  6. Pam Tillis, Love Is Only Human (Duet with Marty Roe of Diamond Rio) [Request]
  7. Police, Don’t Stand So Close To Me (1981 Version) [Request]
  8. Red Rockers, Eve Of Destruction [Request]
  9. Mary Jane Girls, In My House [Request]
  10. UFO, Doctor Doctor [Request]
  11. Def Leppard, Rock Brigade [Request]
  12. Kenny Rogers, Through the Years [Request]
  13. Kenny Rogers & The First Edition, Elvira [Cover Comparison; Original]
  14. Oak Ridge Boys, Elvira [Cover Comparison; Cover]
  15. tobyMac, 21 Years [Request]
  16. Harris DesParc, We didn’t Start the Virus
  17. Billy Joel, We Didn’t Start the Fire
  18. Chris Mann, My Corona
  19. The Knack, My Sharona
  20. Green Day, Know Your Enemy
  21. Muse, Uprising
  22. Metallica, No Leaf Clover
  23. Megadeth, Peace Sells
  24. Mandy Moore, Fifteen
  25. Mandy Moore, Only Hope
  26. Mo Pitney, Ain’t Lookin’ Back
  27. Caitlyn Smith, Put Me Back Together
  28. Mandisa, Way Maker
  29. Zach Williams, Empty Grave
  30. Seether, Country Song [Request]
  31. I Am They, Make a Way
  32. Ozzy Osbourne, Mr. Crowley
  33. Ozzy Osbourne, Over the Mountain
  34. Slaughter, Fly To The Angels

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