Episode 016: Generations with Megan & Rebekah for January 9, 2018

The first Generations of the new Year with Megan and Rebekah was a great return to the airwaves after a few weeks off for the holidays. Megan talked a bit about the wedding, Bekah talked about Christmas Vacation…And through it all, they played some great tunes. Throughout the course of the show, the ladies gave us great conversation and music…and, we learn why we may have to be careful what songs we play around the house when Bekah gets into full-on singing mode.


  1. Maddie & Tae, No Place Like You
  2. Maddie & Tae, Shut Up And Fish
  3. Kane Brown, Thunder in the Rain
  4. Granger Smith, Happens Like That
  5. Demi Lovato, Sorry Not Sorry
  6. Brett Eldredge, The Reason
  7. Bruno Mars, Thats What I Like
  8. Steve Moakler, Love Drunk [Request]
  9. Denis Leary, Asshole [Request]
  10. RaeLynn, Lonely Call
  11. Blink-182, What’s My Age Again?
  12. Gloryhammer, Goblin King of the Darkstorm Galaxy
  13. Rhapsody, Warrior Of Ice
  14. Faith No More, Annie’s Song [Request]
  15. RaeLynn, God Made Girls
  16. Jordan Davis, Singles You Up
  17. d.j. jazzy jeff and the fresh prince, summertime
  18. house of pain, jump around
  19. Kriss Kross, Jump
  20. Thomas Rhett, Marry Me
  21. Ryan Follese, Put A Label On It
  22. Ryan Follese, One Thing Right

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