The Magic 109 Debut of Power and Praise With Alicia: 04/18/2020

Here it is! Alicia’s Magic 109 debut. Last week was the audition, which got her the slot as a Magic presenter. This week, it’s the real deal. Enjoy one of the widest varieties of Christian music you’ll hear anywhere. Then, catch her live each Saturday at 5:00 PM East on Magic 109. If you wish, […]


Educating The Uninformed: Why A Third-Party Vote IS NOT A Vote for President Trump, or Anyone Else Other Than the Third-Party Candidate

It’s another election year. In November, we’ll cast our votes for President, and the Electoral College will do as it wishes, and actually choose the President. But, that’s another story for another time. It’s also the time when people, mostly Liberals, attempt, unsuccessfully, to shame those of us who vote our conscience and support a […]

Wes’s Musical Meltdown for 04/14/2020: John Prine Tribute, New Tunes, Alicia’s New Show, and More

this week’s show was a lot of fun. In addition to the requests, cover comparison, new and classic tunes from our favorite artists, and our usual banter, we also payed a slightly more extensive tribute to the late John Prine. Also, Alicia tells the audience about her new show, debuting on Magic 109 Saturday night […]


Power and Praise with Alicia: Magic 109 Audition 04/11/2020

We welcome a new title to the Wes’s Musical Meltdown Podcast Network! Alicia will also be on MixCloud, and if I figure out how to do so, may even have a separate podcast hosted on this site, but for now, will be included under the Meltdown family of shows. If you subscribe to Wes’s Musical […]


Wes’s Musical Meltdown for 04/07/2020: Bill Withers and John Prine Tributes, Easter, Off-Color Humor, and More

This week on The Meltdown, we had a pretty good mix of genres, including some crude humor. This one’s not for the easily offended or those who don’t like strong language. However, we also had an Easter set, a couple of artist tributes, requests, cover comparison, and much more! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the […]


Wes’s Musical Meltdown Fills In for Positive Impact; Christian Impact: 04/05/2020

Last night on The Meltdown, Alicia and I filled in for Alternative Ash and Positive Impact. We elected to do a Christian music show. As Alicia has applied to the station and wants to start her own show, I figured this would be a perfect opportunity for her to get some practice putting together the […]


Episode 04012020: Wes’s Musical Meltdown Takes Over Annie’s Warm Wonderland on Magic 109!

This week, we did the show on Wednesday night instead of Tuesday. I had technical issues Tuesday, and our Wednesday night DJ was unable to do her show, so Alicia and I took over the time slot. We should be back to normal next week, Tuesday night on Magic 109. We’ll also be on this […]